Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team


These episodes are packed with beauty and drama. The cheerleaders are obviously beautiful. The unfolding stories of how real the women overcoming obstacles to make it on the team provides engaging drama. Watching these has given me a much greater appreciation for what goes into the making of such a world class performer. There is a long and complex process from open auditions to the first football game. That includes many related parts that spans many weeks. The director did a great job of weaving together dozens of tiny clips in appealing ways. I watched all the episodes of season 3 and 4. Three quarters of the way my attention shifted from the candidates to the leaders. I came to deeply appreciate the difficult and delicate work they do. It was insightful to notice how the different factors go into making the complete package of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. You will need to see several episodes to understand what that means. It was amusing to me as a man how the female leaders sometimes called the female candidates by three different terms: girls, women and ladies. This varied widely depending on the person and context. These videos would be recommended for any female considering becoming a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader as well as their family, friends and coaches. It is amazing how unprepared many candidates were. Those who aspire to this job need to witness how hard the weeks of preparations are. Then maybe many will not even try out. And those who do try out will have previously gotten the needed instructions in dance, cheer leading and the other topics that are covered. A coach of any sport could pick up insights into how to draw out the potential from an athlete. Students and practitioners of sports psychology could gain much wisdom and many insights. Cheerleaders and dancers have much to gain in terms of general inspiration and specific tips.
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S13E13 -Game Day

The final rehearsal - to cut or not to cut, that is the question; dr..

S13E11 - Staying Strong

Michael Jackson dancer Marcea Lane comes to town to shake things up;..

S13E10 - The Next Level

Candidates take their publicity photo. Being photogenic is a must. Y..

S13E9 -Field of Fears

Candidates hit the football field for the first time as Judy teaches..

S13E8 -Here Comes Kitty

Kitty comes to a rehearsal and stirs thing up; the new candidates bo..

S13E7 - Big Time Dance

Nick Florez, choreographer for Katy Perry, Pink and the Super Bowl, ..

S13E6 - Jump Split Reckon..

The ladies learn the famed kickline and the scary jump splits; they ..

S13E5 - Getting The DCC L..

The ladies learn to look and dance like a DCC.

S13E4 - Success is Such H..

The returning veterans travel to the Bahamas to shoot the Dallas Cow..

The Pre STest

Kelli announces the official squad and the women realize the hard fo..

S12E11 - Hall of Fame Week

Twenty three veterans travel to Canton, Ohio to perform for Jerry Jo..

S12E10 - The Next Step

With two suspended vets, the team must re-block their formations for..

S12E9 - Hit The Field

The squad goes on an appearance to support pop music star Demi Lovat..

S12E6 - Media Training

Kelli media trains the rookie candidates to determine who best repre..

S12E5 - Getting the Look

The ladies get the classic look makeover of a Dallas Cowboys cheerle..

S12E3 - Finals

The veterans from past competitions are introduced into the audition..

S12E2 - Semis

The 119 remaining women have one hour to learn a power pom routine a..

S12E1 - Auditions Begin

Hundreds of beautiful and talented women converge on AT&T Stadium to..

S11E8 - The Finish Line

The squad is announced and it's bittersweet as some favorites go hom..

S11E7 - Rehearsals With T..

Kellie Pickler comes to a rehearsal to share her experience and moti..

S11E6 - Dance Intervention

Melissa Rycroft makes a house call to help Yuko; Kitty Carter rocks ..

S11E3 - These Are the Big..

The new candidates' eyes are opened when they get a taste of what it..

S11E2 - Comeback Girls

Veterans fight for their jobs as new girls try to live their dreams ..

S11E1 - The Dream Begins

Hundreds of beautiful and talented hopefuls arrive to try out for th..


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S10E6 - Having a Bad Day

The new girls and veterans are pushed to their limits during the Cam..

S10E5 - Becoming World Cl..

As the girls get the look of a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, it helps ..

S10E4 - The Cuts Begin

Kelli and Judy must cut 10 girls to get to the magic number of 36 fo..

S10E3 - Dance Your Heart ..

Dreams are made and hopes are crushed when the 59 candidates are red..

S10E2 - Dance Your Heart ..

Dreams are made and hopes are crushed when the 59 candidates are red..

S10E1 - Dare to Dream

Season 10 begins with 400 girls attending preliminary auditions for ..

S9E8 - The Payoff

The final day of training camp arrives, and the girls get nervous wh..

S9E7 - A Lucid Dream

The girls return to AT&T Stadium and take the field for the first ti..

S9E6 - Time to Get Serious

The candidates enter the sixth week of training camp and their spots..

S9E5 - Getting the DCC Look

To be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you need to look like a Dallas C..

S9E4 - A Week of Firsts

The new candidates are nervous about doing the kick line and jump sp..

S9E3 - Welcome to Valley ..

Training camp begins with 43 ladies, and Kelli sets expectations hig..

S9E2 - Dancing for Your L..

The 30 veteran cheerleaders fight to keep their positions, as 55 new..

S9E1 - The Journey Begins

Season 9 begins with 500 ladies auditioning to become a member of th..

S8E8 - Game Day

The squad finally learns their fate and dreams come true.

S8E7 - The Pressure Cooker

With their futures on the line, the camp candidates need to push thr..

S8E6 - A Toxic Situation

Kitty Carter visits training camp and shares her unfiltered opinion ..

S8E5 - Appearance Counts

Guest choreographer D.J. Guthrie teaches the ladies a new dance styl..

S8E4 - Harsh Reality

The cheerleaders learn the dreaded jump split, a famous and required..

S8E3 - Pressure to Perform

Training camp begins at Valley Ranch; first meeting is filled with e..

S8E2 - Return of the Vets

Pressure mounts as 54 new candidates compete with 32 veterans for an..

S8E1 - The Journey Begins

Dreams are on the line as the tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerle..


DCC training camp comes down to the last grueling rehearsals and who..


DCC training camp comes down to the last grueling rehearsals and who..

S7E6 - Final Cuts

Rehearsals are held at Cowboys Stadium; Kelli and Judy prepare to ma..

S7 E3

DCC training camp comes down to the last grueling rehearsals and who..

S7 E2

DCC training camp comes down to the last grueling rehearsals and who..

S7 E1

DCC training camp comes down to the last grueling rehearsals and who..

S6 E8 - Finale

Season 6 Episode 8 - Finale

S6 E7 - Field Rehearsal

Season 6 Episode 7 - Field Rehearsal

S6 E6 - Cameo Photos

Season 6 Episode 6 - Cameo Photos

S6 E5 - Makeovers

Season 6 Episode 5 - Makeovers

S6 E4 - The Famous Uniform

Season 6 Episode 4 - The Famous Uniform

S6 E3 - Training Camp

Season 6 Episode 3 - Training Camp

S6 E2 - On the Field

Season 6 Episode 2 - On the Field

S6E1 - Auditions Begin

The sixth season begins with the start of auditions for the 2011-12 ..

S5E6 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

Cameo photo shoots are held.

S5E5 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

Rookie candidates get makeovers, including hair, makeup, full-body t..

S5E4 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

Training camp begins, and Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammel put the ro..

S5E3 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

Rehearsals drag on and the first cuts of training camp loom.

S5E2 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

The 47 new women audition.

S5E1 - Dallas Cowboys Che..

In the fifth-season premiere, the best rookies are chosen to join th..


Over 600 excited and anxious Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders hopefuls ar..

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