Using modern computer animation, great aerial and modern naval battles are recreated. In the process, you learn about the history of military transportation technology, the tactics created and the people using them.
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S2E15 - Supersonic

Often in a dogfight the faster plane is at an advantage. The episode..

S2E14 - MiG Killers of th..

Recalling Vietnam War battles involving F-4 Phantoms from the USS Mi..

S2E12 - Dogfights of Dese..

An EF-111 Raven is attacked by an Iraqi Mirage F-1 jet and American ..

S2E11 - P-51 Mustang

In the European and Pacific theaters of World War II, the P-51 Musta..

S2E10 - The bloodiest Day

May 10, 1972, was the bloodiest day of air combat during the Vietnam..

S2E9 - Night Fighters

The history of dogfighting in darkness is covered. Radar equipped F6..

S2E8 - No Room for Error

It's where a pilot can ill afford to make a mistake...but where dogf..

S2E7 - Luftwaffe's Deadli..

On April 7, 1945, pilots of the German Sonderkommando Elbe ram their..

S2E6 - First Dogfighters

Dogfighting was invented by the fighter pilots of World War I. Ernst..

S2E5 - Desert Aces

Pilots of the Israeli Air Force. The episode covers combat missions ..

S2E4 - Gun Kills of Vietnam

The era of missiles had arrived, and electronic warfare was coming o..

S2E3 - Thunderbolt

The rugged P-47 Thunderbolt, or "jug" as it was known, was the large..

S2E2 - Jet vs Jet

In the skies over North Korea, F-86 Sabres battle MiG-15s. American ..

S2E1 - Kamikaze

Towards the end of World War II, Japan sent volunteer pilots on suic..

S1E12 - Greatest Air Batt..

In this two hour special relive the most important air combat battle..

S1E11 - Hunt for the Bism..

The HMS Hood is sunk, in retaliation Swordfish planes of the British..

S1E10 - Dogfights of the ..

Israeli Air Force Mirage III vs. Egyptian Air Force MiG-17 & MiG-19;..

S1E9 - The Long Odds

Showcases survival stories of bomber pilots battling fighter aircraf..

S1E8 - Death of the Japan..

1944...the Pacific. It is one of the most amazing, lopsided naval ba..

S1E7 - The Last Gunfighter

The U.S. Navy's top fighter, the F8 Crusader flown by skilled fighte..

S1E6 - Zero Killers

1943...the skies over the Pacific. The infamous Japanese Zero is dec..

S1E5 - Hell over Hanoi

The skies over Vietnam. They fight in a supersonic world, where spli..

S1E4 - Guadalcanal

August 1942… the Solomon Islands. Heroic, die-hard American pi..

S1E3 - Flying Tigers

Plot Outline
Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, a courageous, rag-..

S1E2 - Air Ambush

Legendary fighter pilot, Colonel Robin Olds, sets an intricate trap ..

S1E1 - MiG Alley

Air Force fighter pilots risk their lives flying sleek F-86 Sabres a..

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