Total Divas


Follow the lives of the WWE divas in their work and relationships.
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S8E9 - A Sisterhood Beyon..

After a rocky first night, Trinity joins the Bellas, Nattie, Nia, Pa..

S8E8 - Hate Is a Strong W..

A girls bonding trip to Lake Tahoe quickly escalates into a heated f..

S8E7 - Chase Your Dreams

Lana seeks advice from Brie and Nicole when Rusev announces he wants..

S8E6 - Welcome to Miami

The WWE Female Superstars head to Miami to celebrate Nattie and Nia'..

S8E5 -Pink Hair Don't Care

Nia invites Nattie, Trinity and Lana over to celebrate her new home;..

S8E4 - Paige's Secret

Paige is faced with coming clean with a big secret she's been keepin..

S8E3 -The Real Nicole

Nicole escapes to Palm Springs with Brie to gain clarity and focus o..

S8E2 - This Is My House

WrestleMania 34 starts with a bang as the Bellas support and watch T..

S8E1 - Good Girls Don't M..

Nicole, Brie, Trinity, Paige, Nattie, Nia and Lana take over New Orl..

S7E12 - Breaking the News

Mike and Maryse must break the news of their pregnancy to WWE; Nikki..

S7E11 - Let's Get Naked!

Brie and Bryan make a cross country move that ends up as a major dis..

S7E10 - Shall We Dance?

Nicole is offered an opportunity with Dancing with the Stars; in Bul..

S7E9 - Three Alarm Fire

Nia faces her fears and braves a date with a NYC firefighter; Lana's..

S7E8 - Single in the City

Nia confronts Alexa on her sketchy wedding plans and ruins the fun; ..

S7E6 -Divas Gone Wild

Brie struggles to enjoy herself on her first vacation away from her ..

S7E5 - Bella Rush

Lana hosts a Bulgarian Name's Day party for Resev in Nashville, but ..

S7E4 - The Diva Divide

A fight breaks out between Lana, Nattie and Nia when their critique ..

S7E3 -Breaking All The Ru..

Trinity goes behind WWE's back and alters her championship in order ..

S7E2 - Dressed Like A Champ

The ladies celebrate the success of their historic ladder match, but..

SE - This Is Make or Break

The WWE announces its first ever Money in the Bank ladder match for ..

S6E16 - Total Summerslam

The Superstars take New York by storm during Summerslam week. Nicole..

S6E15 - Swimming With Pigs

Forced to retire her signature move, the Rack Attack, Nicole struggl..

S6E14 - Runaway Bride

During their wedding, Rusev pushes Lana outside of her comfort zone...

S6E13 - Group-Sext

Trinity and Renee get fed up with Lana's behavior and an epic fight ..

S6E12 - Feel the Glow

Maryse and Eva's friendship comes to blows over a bikini photo shoot..

S6E11 - The Draft

The superstars are on pins and needles awaiting the outcome of the W..

S6E10 - The Big Day

Renee brings Dean Ambrose home to meet her family; the big wedding d..

S6E9 - What Happens in Ve..

Lana runs into a whole lot of chaos during her bachelorette trip; Ni..

S6E8 - Pain in The Neck

Brie is torn when Bryan receives a new job offer; Paige finds out th..

S6E7 - A Win-Wine Situation

Paige attempts to hide a serious neck injury; Nikki wants to start a..

S6E6 - Too Many Cooks

Brie challenges Nikki to an IQ test; Trinity battles her nerves on s..

S6E5 - Mother of the Groom

Maryse and Mike panic when they find their home invaded; cultural di..

S6E4 - Gone Girl

Renee must intervene after Paige misses work; Nikki asks Bryan to he..

S6E3 - A Big Flippin' Deal

Maryse has a confrontation with Mike when she tries to make importan..

S6E2 - Orlando Strong

Trinity returns to Orlando to honor the victims of the Pulse Nightcl..

Total Superstars

Brie's secrets revealed; Lana gets tested at her debut; Trinity suff..

S5E12 - Baby Talk

As Rosa's baby shower approaches, Paige is haunted by a painful memo..

S5E11 - Clothes Quarters

Brie's stubbornness forms a roadblock for the Bella's new lingerie l..

S5E10 - No Retreat

Paige gets cold feet after agreeing to help a fan tell his family he..

S5E9 - Rocky Road to Reco..

Nikki mixes business with pleasure when she enlists John to be her r..

S5E8 - Peace of Cake

Paige conceals a lie from her mother; Nikki fears for Brie's safety ..

S5E7 - Hart of the Matter

Nikki's championship reign is at risk when she faces an old foe; Nat..

S5E6 - End of a Friendsh..

Brie pushes her sister away when she refuses to enable Nikki's fear ..

S5E5 - Come Reign or Shine

Brie challenges Nikki on whether it is worth risking an injury for t..

S5E4 - Talk of The Town

Nikki aims to be the next Maria Shriver of motivational speaking but..

S5E3 - The Truth About Ca..

Eva Marie returns and shakes up the Divas; Nattie throws a surprise ..

S5E2 - A SummerSlam Engag..

Nattie's worst fear comes true when she is left out of SummerSlam; A..

S5E1 - Love Triangle

In the Season 5 premiere, Nikki wonders whether she should tell John..

S4E13 - Return of the Ex

Nikki's ex-boyfriend turns up the heat; Nattie faces news that is ca..


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S4E10 - Gone With the Wine

Trinity takes her family on an RV camping trip; Eva is forced to cho..

S4E9 - Clash of the Divas

Paige lands herself in hot water with the WWE; Nattie sets her siste..

S4E8 - It's a Beautiful L..

Nikki claims to be the better singer, so Brie sets her up to make he..

S4E7 - No Holds Barre

Tensions build in the Bella family as JJ attempts to take over the t..

S4E6 - Good DivaBad Diva

Nattie is caught in a tangle of lies when she invites her sister to ..

S4E5 - Tea Mode

Alicia suspects her ex-boyfriend may be single again soon and wants ..

S4E4 - Divas on Overdrive

Paige ditches Alicia for a new man; Nikki challenges Bryan over not ..

S4E3 - Eat Your Heart Out

Peace talks between Nikki and Eva end very badly; Nattie takes a ris..

S4E2 - She SaidShe Said

WrestleMania Week is off to a rocky start as diva drama escalates. I..

S4E1 - Diva Divide

n the Season 4 premiere, the Bellas face the consequences of quittin..

S3E20 - The New Divas Cha..

The Bellas think about signing on for another three years in the ring.

S3E19 - Indecent Exposure

The Bellas are startled by a nude pic of their brother; Nattie meets..

S3E18 - Model Behavior

Ariane is embarrassed to have her father to meet Vinnie's family; Na..

S3E17 - Mo' MoneyMo&#..

Nattie takes on the task of renovating her mom's house; Brie attempt..

S3E16 - All Hail Brie Mode

Brie and Paige take the UK by storm making Nikki worry Brie's extrem..

S3E15 - Girl Vs. Girl Bye

Brie confesses that she doesn't use protection; Nattie is has to to ..

S3E14 - Insecurity Breach 3

Ariane goes behind Eva's back and gets together with Jonathan to con..

S3E13 - Twin Leaks

Eva faces a life-threatening medical issue; Paige gets a tad too clo..

S3E12 - Baby Not on Board 3

Eva springs something on Jonathan that she should have disclosed bef..

S3E10 - The Divas Are Tak..

Brie goes behind John's back and confronts Nikki leading to explosiv..

S3E9 - Daddy's Little Girl

Eva comes to terms with her Dad's cancer; Nattie and TJ face the cru..

S3E8 - Cross Country Cata..

Rosa finds Summer with her man; Bryan is keeping tabs on Brie.

S3E7 - The Double-Cross

Nikki is distraught when she finds that John's kept a secret from her.

S3E6 - Paint the Island Red

TJ ruins Nattie's hopes of rekindling their marriage, Nikki thinks s..

S3E5 - Scared Straight

Bryan's injury takes a turn for the worst and Brie is left helpless.

S3E4 - Divas Unchained

Nattie is hit on by colleague while taking a break from TJ; Bryan an..

S3E3 - Roadside Rumble

Brie and Daniel Bryan are in danger of losing their wrestling career..

S3E2 - Total Divas

Brie regrets quarreling with her husband when he delivers devastatin..

S3E1 - Eggs Over Freezing

Season 3 begins with Nikki planning her future without her current b..

S2E11 - Wedding Mania

Brie and Bryan get married; at the same time, Nikki's secret marriag..

S2E10 - Digging a Hole

The Bella sisters clash as Brie's wedding quickly approaches and Nik..

S2E9 - What Happens in Cabo

Eva Marie struggles with her sobriety while in Mexico for Brie's bac..

S2E8 - Red and Gold

Eva Marie and Summer Rae clash over being paired together in the rin..

S2E7 - Flirting With Fand..

Summer Rae's relationship with Fandango moves to the next level; Bri..

S2E6 - The House Sitters

Ariane throws a party and loses a cat while house-sitting for Nattie..

S2E5 - For Better or For ..

Trinity wants to get married; Eva faces a serious health issue; Nikk..

S2E4 - InhaleExhale

Nattie faces surgery after injury; Nikki suspects John Cena of lying..

S2E3 - On Brie's Bad Side

Summer Rae makes an instant enemy of Brie by flirting with Daniel Br..

S2E2 - The Braniel Bus

With convincing from Brie, Daniel Bryan decides to get a tour bus; E..

S2E1 - New Diva on the Bl..

In the Season 2 premiere, Nikki faces life without John Cena as her ..

S1E15 - Ready to Ride

In the Season 1 finale, Bryan pops the question to Brie in a romanti..

S1E13 - Get That Chingle ..

Ariane pushes Vincent to try out for the WWE; John Cena's house does..

S1E12 - Seeing Red

Nattie has a feeling that Eva Marie is trying to cozy up to her man;..

S1E11 - Nurse Nikki

Nikki moves in with John Cena and he shocks her with an unexpected d..

S1E10 - SummerSlam

Eva Marie's rising popularity is seen as a threat by Nikki; Ariane w..

S1E9 - Total Divas After ..

The cast reunites to discuss the highs and lows of season one so far.

S1E6 - Diva Las Vegas

The Divas & several WWE superstars go to Vegas for Nattie's bachelor..

S1E5 - Feuding Funkadactyls

Trinity & Ariane's conflict escalates; the Bellas & JoJo reunite wit..

S1E4 - The ``Fat'' Twin

Nikki is insecure about her weight; Ariane considers getting breast ..

S1E3 - Planet Funk is Fun..

Trinity and Jon Uso must face each other in the ring; Nikki is upset..

S1E2 - A Tango with Fanda..

Eva Marie tries to fast track her way to the top; the Bella Twins va..

S1E1 - Welcome to the WWE

The professional and personal lives of WWE Divas are chronicled. In ..

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