Generation Kill


A Rolling Stone reporter, embedded with The 1st Recon Marines chronicles his experiences during the first wave of the American-led assault on Baghdad in 2003.
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S1E7 - Bomb in the Garden

NOTE: This link is in English but has Arabic subtitles. It is the o..

S1E6 - Stay Frosty

Outside of Al Kut, Captain America is over-eager in his attempts to ..

S1E5 - A Burning Dog

As they scope a tiny hamlet, the men of Bravo are frustrated by the ..

S1E4 - Combat Jack

After capturing an Iraqi airstrip, the First Recon is ahead of the o..

S1E3 - Screwby

Bravo Company waits for their next orders, while scoping out a roads..

S1E2 - The Cradle of Civi..

Bravo Company gets an order to treat any Iraqi, holding a weapon, as..

S1E1 - Get Some

Marines prepare to invade Iraq at the beginning of Operation Iraqi F..

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