Handsome Guy and Jung-Eum


This drama tells the story of a handsome and charming guy who is an expert of romance theories but not interested in love itself, meets a former athlete whom, after giving up her love because of harsh reality, decides to be a relationship counselor to make up for it. The drama portrays how they learn from each other to find a balance between theory and reality in love.

S1E32 - Relationships are..

Hoon Nam’s mom disappears, and Seung Ryul seems to know her locati..

S1E31 - You Know as Much ..

Jeong Eum and Hoon Nam help out Doo Ri and So Wool’s wedding. Doo ..

S1E30 - Relationships Are..

Jeong Eum and Hoon Nam success in matching another couple. Dol Jin s..

S1E29 - The Undateables

Jeong Eum finds out that Hoon Nam had seen her past. The embarrassin..

S1E28 - Relationships are..

After hearing heartwarming words from Hoon Nam's mom, Jeong Eum tell..

S1E27 - All I Need is Jeo..

Hoon Nam asks Seung Ryul for permission to date Jeong Eum. However, ..

S1E22 - Relationships Are..

The ghost client calls the Add Beauty to Flowers. Jeong Eum gets sta..

S1E21 - Give Me the Heart

Susie finds out that Jeong Eum was a competitive diver. After the br..

S1E20 - Relationships Are..

Jeong Eum finally finds So Wool and goes to meet him. However, she c..

S1E19 - Let’s Break Up

Jeong Eum tells Hoon Nam to break up. Jeong Eum finds out Sun Hwa ge..

S1E18 - Relationships are..

Susie warns Jeong Eum about her existence near Hoon Nam. Seon Hui wa..

S1E17 - The New Tenant

Hoon Nam, Jeong Eum, and Joon Soo start living together. Seung Ryul ..

S1E16 - Relationship Is l..

Chul Soo makes a reservation for Susie at Joon Soo’s hospital. Joo..

S1E15 - Give Me an Excuse

Jeong Eum starts to love Hoon Nam, but she gets disconcerted by the ..

S1E14 - Relationships Are..

Hoon Nam and Jeong Eum look for So Wool together and stop by the Duk..

S1E13 - It’s Mine

Hoon Nam tries to lure Jeong Eum, so he starts to care for her a lot..

S1E12 - Relationship Is a..

Jeong Eum finds the car keys from the dirt pile of potatoes from yes..

S1E11 - Don’t Let Go

So Wool disappears after meeting Doo Ri. Hoon Nam and Jeong Eum get ..

S1E10 - Dating Is Maze

Eun Nim goes on a trip by herself to accomplish her bucket list. Doo..

S1E9 - Life Without Love

Hoon Nam and Jeong Eum get awkward after the kiss. Seon Hui asks Yoo..

S1E8 - A Relationship Is ..

Hoon Nam asks In Jung to make chocolates for the opening ceremony of..

S1E7 - Unique Scent

Hoon Nam finds out Jeong Eum was not the person who had caused the a..

S1E6 - Relationships Are ..

Jeong Eum offers her Tin Man figurine as a bait, and Hoon Nam decide..

S1E5 - I Need Bait

Jeong Eum realizes that Hoon Nam is the person who wrote the relatio..

S1E4 - Relationships Are ..

Jeong Eum warns Yook Ryong that she can press charges on him. Joon S..

S1E3 - The Power of Love

Jeong Eum, who is a terrible matchmaker, gets into trouble. Jeong Eu..

S1E2 - Do You Know How to..

Jeong Eum tries to go into the water but fails again. Hoon Nam sees ..

S1E1 - The First Impression

Jeong Eum goes to the airport to stop Hoo Bin from leaving her. Jeon..

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