Lucha Underground


Luchadores and Wrestlers from across the world, compete in the ring to be the best fighter.
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S4E22 - Ultima Lucha Cuat..

El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Fenix; The Mack vs. Mil Muertes in a Death ..

S4E21 - Ultima Lucha Cuat..

Aerostar pays a visit to an old friend; 3-Way Trios Championship Eli..

S4E20 - Seven to Survive

Seven Luchadors do battle in a Seven to Survive Elimination Match fo..

S4E19 - Savagery

Jake Strong talks with Cueto and makes demands; a Gift of the Gods B..

S4E18 -Spiders and Skelet..

Taya Mundo returns for revenge; Ricky Mundo makes a shocking confess..

S4E17 -The Moth and the B..

The Rabbit Tribe takes on XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Joey Ryan; Marty T..

S4E16 -Kill Mil

Ivelisse and XO Lishus find a new partner to help them face the Rept..

S4E15 - The Hunted

The Lucha Underground Championship and Gift of the Gods Championship..

S4E14 -Pet Cemetary

Fenix returns to the Temple to team with Drago and Aerostar against ..

S4E13 - The Circle of Life

Melissa Santos and Catrina engage in an epic confrontation; the Mons..

S4E12 - Til Death Do Us P..

Johnny Mundo and Taya get married and their nuptials are filled with..

S4E11 - Last Man or Machi..

Pentagon Dark battles Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship; T..

S4E10 -A Snake Scorned

Paul London attempts to satisfy the White Rabbit; tensions between t..

S4E9 - A Match Made in He..

Mariposa makes a proposal to Antonio Cueto; Paul London makes an off..

S4E8 - The Ranks of the R..

The rivalry between the Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe ..

S4E7 -The Gift That Keeps..

A new Gift of the Gods Champion is crowned; Mariposa motivates her b..

S4E6 - Break the Machine

Paul London battles newcomer Dezmond X for the Final Ancient Aztec M..

S4E5 - Sacrificio

Mil Muertes takes on Cage in one of three matches for Ancient Aztec ..

S4E4 - PainLove and Sacri..

Catrina gives Melissa a gift; Johnny Mundo and Taya take on Kobra Mo..

S4E3 - Rest in Pieces

Johnny Mundo and the Worldwide Underground plot revenge. Jack Evans ..

S4E2 - Darkness and the M..

Catrina hopes to restore her life and searches for the Gauntlet of t..

S4E1 - El Jefe

The Lucha Underground Temple moves to a new location and Pentagon Da..

S3E40 - Ultima Lucha Tres..

El Dragon Azteca Jr. versus Matanza in a steel cage match; Jeremiah ..

S3E39 - Ultima Lucha Tres..

Sexy Star battles Taya in a Last Luchadora standing match.

S3E38 - Ultima Lucha Tres..

Fenix versus Marty the Moth in a Hair vs Mask match; Ivelisse battle..

S3E37 - Ultima Lucha Tres..

Killshot versus Dante Fox in The Hell of War match. Famous B competes.

S3E36 - The Rise of the R..

Marty the Moth teams with Mariposa to take on Fenix and Melissa Sant..

S3E35 - Cien

Atomicos match; El Dragon Azteca Jr. versus Pentagon Dark; Rey Myste..

S3E34 - Career Opportunit..

Castro versus Ryan in a Five-O Street Fight; Johnny Mundo challenges..

S3E33 - Havoc Running Wild

Son of Madness and Son of Havoc's feud intensifies; Joey Ryan antago..

S3E32 - The Cueto Cup

The finalists battle for the Cueto Cup. Rey Mysterio vs Johnny Mundo..

S3E31 - The Cup Runneth O..

Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo have a confrontation.The semifinalists..

S3E30 - Bloodlines

The Cueto Cup's quarterfinals continue; an FBI agent visits Dario Cu..

S3E29 - The Hunger Inside

The Cueto Cup's quarterfinals begin; Dario admonishes Matanza; Marty..

S3E28 - Booyaka! Booyaka!

Rey Mysterio battles PJ Black; the Cueto Cup continues with its seco..

S3E27 - Fade to Black

The Cueto Cup continues; Vampiro gives counsel to Prince Puma on his..

S3E26 - A Fenix to a Flame

The Cueto Cup's second round begins; Marty the Moth battles Fenix; B..

S3E25 - Left for Dead

Dante Fox flashbacks to being a POW; the first round of The Cueto Cu..

S3E24 - Macho Madness

The Cueto Cup's first round continues; a new luchador arrives to the..

S3E23 - Family First

The Cueto Cup continues its first round; Marty the Moth continues hi..

S3E22 - The Cup Begins

The Cueto Cup begins. Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio start their trai..

S3E21 - Sudden Death

The Lucha Underground Championship is defended; Dario makes an annou..

S3E20 - All Night Long.....

The Mack takes on Johnny Mundo in an All Night Long Match.

S3E19 - Gods Among Men

Johnny Mundo confronts The Mack about their championship match; El D..

S3E18 - Evil Rising

The Mack battles Johnny Mundo; Paul London and the Rabbit Tribe vers..

S3E17 - The Gauntlet

Cage and Texano continue their series; Jeremiah Crane wrestles Mil M..

S3E16 - The Battle of the..

The tournament winner gets a title shot against the winner between J..

S3E15 - En La Sombras

The continuation of The Battle of the Bulls Tournament; El Dragon Az..

S3E14 - The Bulls of Boyl..

The Battle of the Bulls Tournament begins; Cortez Castro goes deeper..

S3E13 - Breaker of Bones

Vampiro demands satisfaction from his former student; Pentagon Dark ..

S3E12 - Every Woman is Se..

A Lucha Underground Championship match; Black Lotus returns to the t..

S3E11 - Aztec Warfare III

Twenty luchadores compete in Aztec Warfare for the Lucha Underground..

S3E10 - Ready for War

Prince Puma and Mil Muertes in Graver Consequences; Mascarita..

S3E9 - Loser Leaves Lucha

Loser Leaves Town Match between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerre..

S3E8 - Gifts of the Gods

City Councilman Delgado arrives and gives Dario a gift; Sexy Star de..

S3E7 - Payback Time

Prince Puma versus Mil Muertes; Johnny Mundo seeks a match with Sexy..

S3E6 - The Open Road to R..

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero; Sexy Star vs Jack Evans; Son of Havo..

S3E5 - The Prince and The..

Matanza gets another opponent; Ivelisse finds a new love; Killshot r..

S3E4 - Brothers in Broken..

El Dragon Azteca Jr. battles against Chavo Guerrero with Rey Mysteri..

S3E3 - Ultimate Opportuni..

The Dial of Doom selects an opponent for Matanza Cueto; Dario makes ..


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S3E1 - Wheel of Misfortune

The luchadors return to the temple where their fate will be determin..


No description


No description

S2E24 - Ultima Lucha Dos:..

Son of Havoc, Cage, Texano and the Mack compete for a unique opportu..


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S2E21 - Six to Survive

Six luchadors compete in the first ever Six to Survive Match for a C..

S2E20 - The Contenders

Drago & Aerostar face Jack Evans and PJ Black in a Nunchuck Match. ..

S2E19 - Judgement Day

The Monster Matanza Cueto defends his title against the Gift of the ..


No description

S2E17 - Crime & Punishment

Seven Luchadors compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship; Cage ..

S2E16 - Graver Consequences

Mil Muertes battles the Monster Matanza Cueto in a coffin match.

S2E15 - No Mas

Sexy Star battles Mariposa for an Aztec Medallion in Lucha Undergrou..


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No description

S2E12 - Three's A Crowd

The Trios Tournament Continues and Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and El ..

S2E11 - Bird of War

The Trios Tournament begins; Fenix faces the Monster Matanza Cueto f..

S2E10 - El Jefe is Back

Dario Cueto returns and makes the champion defend his title.

S2E9 - Aztec Warfare II

Twenty luchadors compete for the Lucha Underground Championship in t..


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S2E1 - A Much Darker Place

The Luchadors return to compete, but with Dario Cueto on the run, da..

S1E5 - Boyle Heights Stre..

Prince Puma heads into the ring with an experienced veteran.

S1E4 - Thrill of the Hunt

Konnan warns Puma to not get involved in main event; Sexy Star retur..

S1E3 - Crossing the Border

Konnan brings Cueto the best talent from Mexico, setting up thee mai..

S1E2 - Los Demonios

Catina warns Blue Demon Jr of 1000 deaths; Mundo and Puma are feelin..

S1E1 - Welcome to the Tem..

Top fighters, including masked heroes and villains, battle in the Te..

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