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MacGyver - Season 2


The adventures of a secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.
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S2E22 - For Love or Money

MacGyver is forced to work with a ruthless freelance agent to rescue..

S2E21 - DOA: Macgyver

MacGyver is called to a meeting with a former British spy, who has l..

S2E20 - Friends

MacGyver's friends throw a birthday party for him, but he's somberly..

S2E19 - Bushmaster

When MacGyver is sent to rescue an American pilot held in Central Am..

S2E18 - Partners

MacGyver and Pete meet at a wrecking yard, both thinking that the ot..

S2E17 - DaltonJack of Spies

Dalton, who is believed to be dead, recruits MacGyver to help uncove..

S2E16 - Out in the Cold

When MacGyver and Pete go skiing, a man switches poles with MacGyver..

S2E15 - Pirates

While on an expedition to find a Spanish treasure fleet, Dr. Barbara..

S2E14 - Birth Day

MacGyver's fishing trip is cut short when he meets a very pregnant w..

S2E13 - Soft Touch

MacGyver puts up Penny Parker for a few days while she's looking for..

S2E12 - Family Matter

Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped down in Louisiana while on an a..

S2E11 - Phoenix Under Siege

While retrieving tickets for a hockey game at the Phoenix Foundation..

S2E10 - Three for the Road

A retired actor and his wife stop at a motel on the way to Los Angel..

S2E9 - Silent World

While helping the Phoenix Foundation test a new missile-guidance sys..

S2E8 - Eagles

While hang gliding in the west, MacGyver crosses paths with an escap..

S2E7 - The Road Not Taken

MacGyver and Pete head to Asia to rescue a nun, who is an old friend..

S2E6 - Jack of Lies

MacGyver, returning home one night, walks into his apartment, only t..

S2E5 - Final Approach

MacGyver goes to the mountains to lead four ex-gangster teens on a P..

S2E4 - The Wish Child

While MacGyver goes to pick up a Chinese friend's brother from a bir..

S2E3 - Twice Stung

MacGyver and Pete have a surprise party planned for a colleague, but..

S2E2 - The Eraser

Mac inadvertently leads a hit man to his target, believing that he's..

S2E1 - The Human Factor

MacGyver and Pete are testing a new security system at the Strategic..