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MacGyver - Season 3


The adventures of a secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.
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S3E20 - Murderer's Sky

When the head of a American-Chinese shipping company is attacked in ..

S3E19 - The Endangered

While visiting an old girlfriend who's a park ranger at a wildlife r..

S3E18 - Rock the Cradle

Mac and Jack return from a flight to find an abandoned baby in Jack'..

S3E17 - Mask of the Wolf

Jack and Mac help an ancient Indian search for a wolf mask that two ..

S3E16 - The Spoilers

MacGyver enlists a recluse nicknamed "Earthquake" to help find a per..

S3E15 - The Negotiator

MacGyver becomes infatuated with a woman while conducting environmen..

S3E14 - The Odd Triple

After returning home from a long assignment, MacGyver has an unwelco..

S3E13 - Thin Ice

While back in Minnesota to fill in as coach for a high-school hockey..

S3E12 - Early Retirement

While testing a new nuclear bomb defusing team at the Phoenix Founda..

S3E11 - Kill Zone

An impulsive scientist who cuts corners in her research work creates..

S3E10 - Blow Out

MacGyver teams up with colleague Nikki Carpenter to find out who is ..

S3E9 - Hell Week

A desperate physics student goes off the deep end and boobytraps a c..

S3E8 - The Widowmaker

MacGyver is forced out of his grief over the tragic death of a frien..

S3E7 - Jack in the Box

MacGyver and Jack Dalton are arrested in Arkansas by a corrupt sheri..

S3E6 - GX-1

Mac and Nikki race to recover equipment from a downed experimental p..

S3E5 - Fire and Ice

A jewel thief with diplomatic immunity kills Mac's friend. But there..

S3E4 - Ghost Ship

While mapping the wilderness for the Phoenix foundation, MacGyver st..

S3E3 - Back from the Dead

Jimmy Kendall, living undercover after testifying against his Mob bo..

S3E2 - Lost Love: Part 2

The KBG have Lisa in their grasp, and MacGyver must get The Ming Dra..

S3E1 - Lost Love: Part 1

While helping the People's Republic of China secure a priceless nati..