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MacGyver - Season 4


The adventures of a secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness.
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S4E19 - Unfinished Business

Jack, MacGyver, and Pete review their past adventures while on a gol..

S4E18 - Renegade

MacGyver works hard to retrieve the anthrax bacillus stolen by a for..

S4E17 - Easy Target

MacGyver and Pete are captured by terrorists intent on wiping out a ..

S4E16 - Brainwashed

Jack Dalton is brainwashed by an African politician and his wife to ..

S4E15 - The Invisible Kil..

MacGyver heads up a trip with four other Phoenix Foundation employee..

S4E14 - Gold Rush

MacGyver joins a joint U.S.-U.S.S.R. team trekking into the Alaskan ..

S4E13 - Runners

MacGyver helps a young runaway with a vicious pimp and a tragic secr..

S4E12 - The Challenge

An inner city youth club is threatened when a black resident is fram..

S4E11 - The Battle of Jim..

When a kid is kidnapped by his estranged father, MacGyver tries to h..

S4E10 - Fraternity of Thi..

When Pete's son, Michael, returns to work for the foundation, neithe..

S4E9 - Cleo Rocks

Penny Parker's big chance in a major professional role is threatened..

S4E8 - Ma Dalton

Jack receives mementos of his father from an anonymous sender. This ..

S4E7 - Deadly Dreams

MacGyver gets involved in the search for an escaped serial killer. S..

S4E6 - The Survivors

While on assignment for the Phoenix Foundation to test field agents ..

S4E5 - Collision Course

When a friend of Mac's is injured in a crash, Mac agrees to test the..

S4E4 - On a Wing and a Pr..

Central American rebels capture Pete and a nun, and it's up to Mac a..

S4E3 - The Outsiders

MacGyver helps an Amish family, who saved his life, from having thei..

S4E2 - Blood Brothers

MacGyver returns to his home town of Mission City, Minnesota to meet..

S4E1 - The Secret of Park..

MacGyver accompanies his friend Penny Parker to an old house she has..