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Masters of Illusion


Hosted by actor Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”), MASTERS OF ILLUSION is with great escapes, fascinating sleight-of-hand and large scale illusions, all in front of a studio audience. The series features amazing magic performed by cutting-edge illusionists and escape artists, and performers in each episode display skills ranging from perplexing interactive mind magic to hilarious comedy routines. Live audience members and viewers at home will be baffled by the astounding skills of these modern illusionists.
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S5E13 -Fast HandsLoose Ch..

Featured magicians Chris Funk, Eric Jones, Murray SawChuck, Greg Gle..

S5E12 -A Symphony of Magic

Featured magicians: Ed Alonzo, Billy Kidd, Nathan Burton, Chipper Lo..

S5E11 -All About the Benj..

Featured magicians: Jarrett and Raja, Shoot Ogawa, Spidey, Rick Smit..

S5E10 -More Twists on the..

Featured magicians: Xavier Mortimer, Jeki Yoo, Joel Meyers, Jibrizy,..

S5E9 -Smart MoneySmart Ph..

Featured magicians: Greg Gleason, Farrell Dillon, Jason Bird, Billy ..

S5E8 -The Mind Freaks and..

Featured magicians: Joseph Gabriel, Ed Alonzo, Andi Gladwin, Joel Me..

S5E7 - Broken Glassa Box ..

Featured magicians: Xavier Mortimer, Eric Jones, Chris Funk, Chipper..

S5E6 - The One with a Flo..

Featured magicians: Nathan Burton, Jeki Yoo, Murray SawChuck, Michae..

S5E5 -Twisted Classics

Featured magicians: Les Arnold & Dazzle, Chris Korn, The Alchemist, ..

S5E4 -Fast HandsClassic T..

Featured magicians: Chris Funk, Tommy Wind, Shoot Ogawa, Joel Meyers..


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S5E2 -A Self-Inflicted Sl..

Featured magicians: Xavier Mortimer, Michael Grandinetti, George Igl..

S5E1 -It's All in the Cards

Featured magicians: Rick Smith Jr., Ed Alonzo, Samantha Bell, Joel M..

S4E13 -Of MiceMen and a K..

Featured magicians: Michael Grandinetti, Nathaan Phan, Billy Kidd, C..


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S3E10 - Spinning the Clas..

Featured magicians include Ed Alonso, Rick Thomas, Michael Grandinet..

S3E9 - Spinning the Class..

Featured magicians include Ed Alonso, Rick Thomas, Michael Grandinet..

S3E8 - Gravity DefiersCom..

Featured magicians include Nathan Burton, Tom Burgoon, Greg Frewin, ..

S3E7 - Quick Change DuoBo..

Magicians Jarrett and Raja, Farrell Dillon, Jonathan Pendragon, Sos ..

S3E6 - Very Sharp Objects..

Featured magicians include Mark Bennick, Michael Griffin, Tommy Wind..

S3E5 - Big CatsDream Girl..

Featured magicians include Greg Frewin, John Gabriel, Tom Burgoon, G..

S3E4 - PerceptionPiranhas..

Tommy Wind, Jason Andrews, Mark Bennick, Barry and Stuart, Murray Sa..

S3E3 - Metamorphosis and ..

Magicians: Greg Frewin; Piff the Magic Dragon; Michael Grandinetti; ..

S3E2 - Jet EnginesMagic D..

Magicians appearing: Tommy Wind; Aaron Radatz; Ed Alonzo; Danny Cole..

S3E1 - Spinning the Class..

Season 2 begins with magicians Greg Frewin, Barry & Stuart, Sos and ..

S1E13 - Quick Change

Featured magicians include Keelan and Shereen, Jonathon Pendragon, E..

S1E12 - Quick Change DuoB..

Magicians Jarrett and Raja, Farrell Dillon, Jonathan Pendragon, Sos ..

S1E11 - Close Up

Featured magicians include Rick Thomas, Michael Finney, Alana and Ch..

S1E10 - Behind the Illusion

Alana; Drexus; Murray SawChuck; Arthur Trace; Shimshi; Dana Daniels;..

S1E9 - Evil Met His Match

Jarrett and Raja; Murray SawChuck; Tom Burgoon; Rick Thomas; Michael..

S1E8 - Under Water

Rob Lake; Nathan Burton; Eric Buss; Johnny Ace Palmer; Spencer Horsm..

S1E7 - Levitation

Featured magicians include Tony Chapek, Erix Logan and Sara Maya, Jo..

S1E6 - Chained

Magicians include Nathan Burton, Jonathan Pendragon, Hillel, Farrell..

S1E5 - Walk Through Steel

Featured magicians include Jarrett & Raja, Murray SawChuck, Tom Burg..

S1E4 - Selbit Sawing

Featured illusionists include Jan Rouven, Jonathon Pendragon, Ed Alo..

S1E3 - Vanish in Mid Air

Rob Lake; Nathan Burton; Michael Grandinetti; Michael Giles; Eric Bu..

S1E2 - Blindfold

Magicians display their amazing skills.

S1E1 - Jaws of Death

Jan Rouven, Jared and Raja, Michael Finney, Nathan Burton, Michael G..