Miss Hammurabi


Park Cha Oh Reum works as a rookie judge. She is in her mid-20's and follows "an eye for an eye" principle. She does not accept prejudice or blindly follow authority. Dealing with cases, she and her colleagues, including Im Ba Reun, grow as people.

S1E15 - I Want to Think A..

The public refuses to back down and endlessly bash Cha Oh Reum, and ..

S1E14 - She Should Remain..

At the office, everyone is supportive of Bo Wang and Do Yeon’s rel..

S1E13 - Remaining Neutral

Word that a judge is dating a stenographer spreads, and Bo Wang gets..

S1E12 - Alcohol-related V..

Thanks to Presiding Judge Han Se Sang’s fiery personality and slip..

S1E10 - I’m a Testifier..

Cha Oh Reum is questioned by the prosecution regarding Presiding Jud..

S1E7 - The Meaning of Fam..

Ba Reun regrets confessing his feelings to Cha Oh Reum. They don’t..

S1E6 - The Right to Be Fo..

A trial opens when a congressman refusing to reveal a photo of himse..

S1E5 - General Judges’ ..

Ba Reun and Cha Oh Reum prepare for the general judges’ meeting. T..

S1E4 - Reputation Is Very..

Cha Oh Reum’s fellow colleague, Hong Eun Ji, in another department..

S1E3 - We Might Not Have ..

Cha Oh Reum and Ba Reun attend a trial regarding a female intern who..

S1E2 - First Trial

Cha Oh Reum attends her first trial with Im Ba Reun and Han Se Sang...

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