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Modern Family - Season 7


Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids. But a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad, Jay, and his Latina wife, Gloria, are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son, Mitchell, and his partner, Cameron, have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -- happy family.
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S7E22 - Double Click

Claire can’t seem to find the right time to fire one of her employ..

S7E21 - Crazy Train

Dede is getting remarried, and Manny convinces the family to take th..

S7E20 - Promposal

With Closet-Con right around the corner, Claire is on high alert and..

S7E19 - Man Shouldn’t Lie

Claire brings home a stray dog and gets the kids to help her hide it..

S7E18 - The Party

Manny and Luke babysit Lily so the adults in the family can have som..

S7E17 - Express Yourself

Phil has the crazy idea of going on a spontaneous trip to Paris with..

S7E16 - The Cover-Up

Phil lies to Claire to keep her from finding out about his attractiv..

S7E15 - I Don't Know How ..

Unaware that Claire has a personal assistant, Phil cannot figure out..

S7E14 - The Storm

Power outages during a thunderstorm send the whole family to Jay and..

S7E13 - Thunk in the Trunk

Phil doesn't feel appreciated while Claire is busy running the close..

S7E12 - Clean for a Day

Claire decides to clean the clutter out of the house before taking o..

S7E11 - Spread Your Wings

Claire hopes to help the ducklings move out of the house while Phil ..

S7E10 - Playdates

When Claire and Phil go out with a couple they met on vacation, the ..

S7E9 - White Christmas

Gloria rents a cabin in the mountains where the family can celebrate..

S7E8 - Clean Out Your Jun..

When Gloria wins a family seminar at the school auction, Jay is resi..

S7E7 - Phil's SexySexy Ho..

A conversation about a house Phil is helping to sell gives everyone ..

S7E6 - The More You Ignor..

Luke is arrested for driving without a license; Alex is caught sneak..

S7E5 - The Verdict

Claire wants to give Haley and Alex a great experience on Take your ..

S7E4 - She Crazy

Phil can't get anyone else to care about tending to the eggs; Claire..

S7E3 - The Closet Case

Phil has second thoughts after he helps Haley talk Claire into letti..

S7E2 - The Day Alex Left ..

Alex leaves for college, but gives her parents false information abo..


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