Nazi Mega Weapons


An examination of Nazi Germany's various military engineering projects during World War II.
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S3E5 - Hitler's Island Me..

In June 1940, the Nazis set foot on British soil. The Channel Island..

S3E3 - The Eagle's Nest

Once Hitler seizes power in 1933 he transforms his Alpine retreat in..

S3E2 - Hitler's Killer Subs

By early 1943 Nazi Germany is losing the battle in the Atlantic. The..

S3E1 - Blitzkrieg

In the first years of World War II, Hitler’s Germany crushes its e..

S2E5 - Kamikaze

As America threatens to invade Japan in 1944, the Japanese turn to d..

S2E4 - Hitler's Megaships

When Hitler rises to power in 1933, he sets about rebuilding his arm..

S2E3 - The SS

One of the most terrifying cults the world has seen, the SS has humb..

S2E2 - The Wolf's Lair

As European countries fall like dominoes to the German armies, Hitle..

S2E1 - Hitler's Vengeance..

In retaliation for devastating Allied bombing raids on German cities..

S1E6 - Fortress Berlin

April 1945. Safe in his heavily fortified Führerbunker in the cente..

S1E5 - Jet Fighter Me 262

Explore the story behind one of the most advanced aeroplanes of WWII..

S1E4 - Super Tanks

The story of Nazi engineers tasked with fulfilling Hitler's megaloma..

S1E3 - V2 Rocket

This episode relates the development of the first ever space missile..

S1E2 - U-Boat Pens

This episode describes the immense and impenetrable concrete and ste..

S1E1 - Atlantic Wall

This is the story of the greatest fortification project of the 20th ..

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