Secret Mother


Kim Yoon Jin was once a psychiatrist, who quit her job to care for her husband and son. She previously had a daughter who died. Yoon Jin carries a sense of guilt over her daughter's death. Moreover, she is worried about her son how is about to enter a university. She then decides to hire a mysterious expert to help her son enter a good university.

S1E16 - Rooftop

Eun Young gets a call from the security guard who works at the build..

S1E15 - Disgusting Money

Behind a photo of Eun Young and Hyeon Joo, Eun Young finds several p..

S1E14 - Realization

Jeong Wan shows a picture of Eun Young to Yoon Jin and asks her whet..

S1E13 - Is This You?

Yoon Jin meets Hyun Chul for the second time. This time, Hyun Chul g..

S1E12 - There’s An Info..

Eun Young finds Hyeon Joo’s clover ring that she had split with he..

S1E11 - What Could She Wa..

Yoon Jin invites the other mothers, their kids, and even Eun Young t..

S1E10 - Can You Please Ju..

While tutoring Min Joon, Eun Young gets an urgent call regarding her..

S1E9 - Is My Offer Too Su..

Yoon Jin realizes that Min Joon and herself both struggle to get alo..

S1E8 - I’m Going To Sto..

Yoon Jin promises not to think about Min Ji anymore and to focus on ..

S1E7 - You Are Not Min Jo..

Yoon Jin finds her hit-and run accident flyer and Min Ji’s rabbit ..

S1E6 - Parking Lot Affair

Yoon Jin visits a detective agency in order to find out Kim Eun Youn..

S1E4 - I Killed Her

Ji Ae is shocked to find out that Min Joon’s private tutor is her ..

S1E3 - I Forgot It All

Yoon Jin meets Min Joon’s private tutor, Kim Eun Young, through a ..

S1E2 - Unusual Coincidence

While chasing a wanted criminal, Lieutenant Ha Jeong Wan runs into Y..

S1E1 - Three Months Ago

During Myongmoon’s Elementary School’s 40th Anniversary Charity ..

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