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Aging superhero, Titanium Rex, and his has-been team known as The League of Freedom struggle to stay relevant in a changing world.
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S3E12 - Debbie Does Devizo

An old, powerful foe from Dr. Devizo’s past returns to haunt him..

S3E11 - Jungle All The Way

The League of Freedom is enlisted for a top-secret mission on a peri..

S3E10 - Comicarnage

Desperate for a comeback, Titanium Rex books an appearance for the t..

S3E9 - Sympathy For Black..

When rival gangs of werewolves and vampires get caught in an eternal..

S3E8 - Optimo Rex

The League of Freedom returns to their home timeline only to discove..

S3E4 -Iliga Their Own

Ivan Whiff returns to help the League refurnish their Mansion with i..

S2E10 - Titanium Lex

With the Suptopian army enslaving Earth, the League and the supervil..

S2E9 - Logs Day Journey I..

To protect the League, Rex has gone into hiding, working as a lumber..

S2E8 - We Need to Talk ab..

After years of searching, Rex’s brother, Titanium Dax (Dax Shepard..

S2E7 - The Gurman Files

After Black Saturn resigns from the League, he takes on his first so..

S2E6 - Blazarmageddon

The League is called upon to stop an enormous space alien from oblit..

S2E5 - Black to the Future

Titanium Rex and Black Saturn have something to say about American R..

S2E4 - I Didn't Even Have..

J.K. Simmons follows Titanium Rex around in hopes of playing him in ..

S2E3 - The League of Chee..

Portia Jones makes plans to open a pizzeria and arcade based on the ..


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Brad’s nefarious origins are revealed and his checkered past catch..


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S1E1 - Groaner's Wild

A group of irrelevant superheroes struggle to remain significant in ..