The Unit


Hour long show which looks at the life of American super-secret operators.
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S4E22 - Unknown Soldier

When several dirty bombs are found on American soil, The Unit is dep..

S4E21 - Endgame

Molly is kidnapped and used as bait, while Jonas is out of the count..

S4E20 - Chaos Theory

One of the Unit members attacks their own and the team must deal wit..

S4E19 - Whiplash

One of the Unit members attacks their own and the team must deal wit..

S4E18 - Best Laid Plans

Things go wrong when Jonas and Mack go undercover in an attempt to f..

S4E17 - Flesh & Blood

The Unit is sent in to rescue an old friend and finds themselves in ..

S4E16 - Hill 60

When a deadly gas is released into the air, the men and their famili..

S4E15 - Hero

The Unit welcomes a new team member. Jonas helps Betsy prepare for a..

S4E14 - The Last Nazi

The Unit is ordered to capture a Nazi war criminal from hiding and d..

S4E13 - The Spear of Dest..

Mack gets badly wounded while on a mission with Jonas and they must ..

S4E12 - Bad Beat

A CIA agent who's gone over to the other side plays a game of Baccar..

S4E11 - Switchblade

A mysterious women shows up at Aerodyne headquaters. Kim is finally ..

S4E10 - Mislead and Misgu..

When the team is ordered to raid an anthrax lab, they find themselve..

S4E9 - Shadow Riders

Jonas and the team must travel through enemy territory to bring a yo..

S4E8 - Into HellPart 2

Jonas and the team are in Iraq and continue towards freeing Betsy Bl..

S4E7 - Into HellPart 1

When Betsy Blane is taken hostage, Jonas and his team go to Iraq and..

S4E6 - Inquisition

Hoping to con a terrorist into exposing his accomplices before they ..

S4E5 - Dancing Lessons

The unit is assigned to retrieve a nuclear scientist, but he wants m..

S4E4 - The Conduit

Bob and Mac both find themselves in trouble when they each take assi..

S4E3 - Sex Trade

While the Unit is investigating a man they believe to be smuggling n..

S4E2 - Sudden Flight

The men of the Unit are on the hunt to find out who ordered the assa..

S4E1 - Sacrifice

While women are being secretly relocated and moved off the base for ..

S3E11 - Side Angle Side

A Russian scientist and an Britsh MI5 agent are suspected of collusi..

S3E10 - Gone Missing

In Montenegro, Bob has a moral dilemma when he disagrees with the te..

S3E9 - Binary Explosion

Charles goes undercover among gang members from his old neighborhood..

S3E8 - Play 16

Jonas goes on a solo mission, enlisting the help of some local milit..

S3E7 - Five Brothers

The Unit is in Lebanon when Charles is seriously wounded. They must ..

S3E6 - M.P.s

Mack, Charles and Jonas are assigned to protect an American musician..

S3E5 - Inside Out

Jonas, Mack and Hector are assigned to recover a chip containing inf..

S3E4 - Every Step You Take

The team travels to Abidjan, Ivory Coast to aid personnel from the A..

S3E3 - Always Kiss Them G..

The Unit is back together and ready to take on their next assignment..

S3E2 - Pandemonium: Part 2

Jonas works out a plan and the team reunites to clear their reputati..

S3E1 - Pandemonium: Part 1

Jonas is still in hiding, Mack and Hector are still imprisoned, Char..

S2E23 - Paradise Lost

The Team's world collapses when they return from a successful missio..

S2E22 - Freefall

While Mack, Grey and Williams protect a Thai prince and his family o..

S2E21 - Bedfellows

While Bob is forced to make a difficult decision out in the field, M..

S2E20 - In Loco Parentis

The Unit deals with a domestic school hostage situation. Tiffy's pre..

S2E19 - The Outsiders

Bob and Hector find themselves involved in tribal rituals when they ..

S2E18 - Two Coins

While in Israel to work out a solution to a suicide bomber threat, C..

S2E17 - Dark of the Moon

When the unit is stranded with high-priority prisoners in Waziristan..

S2E16 - Games of Chance

At the special operatives' version of the Olympics, Jonas and his te..

S2E15 - The Water is Wide

Jonas and company are on a protection detail at the United Nations w..

S2E14 - Johnny B. Good

A mission where everything went wrong is dissected via flashbacks fo..

S2E13 - Sub Conscious

Bob's first mission oversight assignment is jeopardized when Kim tel..

S2E12 - The Broom Cupboard

Jonas is tasked by the President to not only keep a senator safe, bu..

S2E11 - Silver Star

Jonas and his family celebrate his father winning the , but there is..

S2E10 - Bait

Jonas heads off to the Democratic Republic of Georgia and finds hims..

S2E9 - Report By Exception

The Unit is endangered when a senator leaks classified information t..

S2E8 - Natural Selection

Bob and his translator survive a helicopter crash in remote Russia, ..

S2E7 - Off the Meter

A favor for Ron gets very complicated for Jonas and Bob; back at hom..

S2E6 - Old Home Week

The women prepare for , a fund raiser for the troops and their famil..

S2E5 - Force Majeure

The Unit is sent into a North Carolina hurricane to rescue a brutal ..

S2E4 - Manhunt

The Unit pursues a terrorist who was smuggled into the U.S. with pla..

S2E3 - The Kill Zone

The Unit faces off against a sniper in a Paraguay village, and the f..

S2E2 - Extreme Rendition

The teams frees a former Unit operative in hopes that he will help t..

S2E1 - Change of Station

As Mack and Tiffy prepare to leave the Unit the rest of the team tra..

S1E13 - The Wall

The Unit feels betrayed when they assist a French general with the a..

S1E12 - MoraleWelfare and..

While most of The Unit is attempting to defuse a bomb in a bank in A..

S1E11 - Exposure

At the Unit's annual "Day of the Dead" celebration Jonas deals with ..

S1E10 - Unannounced

Bob's cover is blown when he tries to protect the United States Secr..

S1E9 - Eating the Young

Jonas faces an unusual dilemma when he discovers a Brazilian drug lo..


The Unit members are pushed to their mental and physical limits when..

S1E7 - Dedication

While on a mission to take out a Taliban leader in Afghanistan Jonas..

S1E6 - Security

The team goes to Beirut to try to prevent the Russians from selling ..

S1E5 - Non-Permissive Env..

The team scrambles into full "escape and evade" mode after an assass..

S1E4 - True Believers

The Unit is called in to protect the new Drug Minister of Mexico fro..

S1E3 - 200th Hour

Jonas goes to Indonesia on a rescue mission, Mack is shot during a t..

S1E2 - Stress

Bob is left behind to face tough questions from the FBI concerning t..

S1E1 - First Responders

The Unit's newest member and his wife quickly learn the ropes from t..

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