Time (2018)


A story about a man who spent the last days of his life struggling to fix the life of a woman, whom he destroyed her life.

S1E6 - Don’t Toy with H..

Soo Ho learns about Ji Hyeon's problems. He pays off the debt, gets ..

S1E5 - Steal My Heart Away

Soo Cheol is about to make an announcement to the reporters, but Cha..

S1E4 - I Don’t Have Muc..

Ji Hyeon can't believe that her sister killed herself. The case gets..

S1E3 - Please Help Me Jus..

Ji Hyeon is broken after Ji Eun's death. She blames herself for the ..

S1E2 - Time Is Always Lim..

Fed up with her problems, Ji Hyeon leaves home. Soo Ho comes to see ..

S1E1 - We All Die One Day

Soo Ho wakes up in his hotel room after a wild night. Soon after, he..

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