Tour Of Duty


The trials of a U.S. Army platoon serving in the field during the Vietnam War.
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S3E21 - Payback

Several months later, McKay -- mostly recovered -- is told that he w..

S3E20 - The Raid

The monsoon seasons starts. Pop goes back to the States for his son'..

S3E19 - Three Cheers for ..

Anderson & Pop are having a good time at a local bar when a young tr..

S3E18 - War is a Contact ..

Out in the field, Percell captures a VC. Doc and another soldier sta..

S3E17 - Vietnam Rag

Taylor and Ruiz are still listed as MIA. At the camp there are still..

S3E16 - Acceptable Losses

Team Viking takes off on another Fontaine mission, where they run in..

S3E15 - Road to Long Binh

All of the enlisted men of Team Viking end up with food poisioning. ..

S3E14 - Dead Man Tales

Team Viking earns a 3-day pass and then promptly gets itself in trou..

S3E13 - And Make Death Pr..

Newbie replacements arrive, including a young man that gains Anderso..

S3E12 - Odd Man Out

lor is expecting to be promoted at any moment, and opens his mail to..

S3E11 - Green Christmas

Christmas finds Team Viking the bush trying to capture prisoners in ..

S3E10 - World in Changes

McKay decides he is personally going to get the sniper who has been ..

S3E9 - I Am What I Am

Team Viking goes out to capture a Soviet chopper but ends up surroun..

S3E8 - Thanks for the Mem..

The men of Team Viking are receiving medals in a ceremony in recogni..

S3E7 - Cloud Nine

Taylor, Ruiz and Johnson go in search of Purcell after he goes AWOL...

S3E6 - A Necessary End

McKay has a date with a ""killer"" blonde but on the way to take her..

S3E5 - A Bodyguard of Lies

Utter havoc reigns in the jungle after a newby makes a mistake and t..

S3E4 - Lonely at the Top

While Zeke is back in the States, Brewster sends the men out to loca..

S3E3 - The Ties That Bind

Col. Carl Brewster enters the local Vietnamese town to make the ""b..

S3E2 - Doc Hock

Goldman reveals to Zeke that it may be time for him to move to a des..

S3E1 - The Luck

News that Goldman and Anderson are missing and believed dead devasta..

S2E16 - The Volunteer

A young desk clerk seeking to prove himself is assigned to Anderson'..

S2E15 - Hard Stripe

While out on patrol, the unit stumbles across CIA recruiter Jim Doyl..

S2E14 - Sealed with a Kiss

Zeke considers a job offer as a mercenary for the CIA; Zeke and Gold..

S2E13 - Sins of the Fathers

Alex risks her life by investigating a prostitute's murder in which ..

S2E12 - Lonesome Cowboy B..

Anderson and Goldman find a leak in a top-secret operation; Alex mus..

S2E11 - Promised Land

Word of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination lowers black soldiers..

S2E10 - Nightmare

Goldman searches for McKay after the Army gives up; Percell faces ch..

S2E9 - Terms of Enlistment

A new man -- Woods -- walking point accidentally steps on a pressure..

S2E8 - Popular Forces

Anderson, Johnson and Ruiz train four Vietnamese recruits whose inex..

S2E7 - I Wish It Would Rain

Alex and a French correspondent investigate illegal incursions of Ca..

S2E6 - Sleeping Dogs

Anderson goes into the jungle to find a disturbed friend who refused..

S2E5 - Non-Essential Pers..

Alex sets out to expose a major whose questionable judgement has cau..

S2E4 - True Grit

Anderson risks court-martial to delay the return of battle-weary men..

S2E3 - For What It's Worth

While out on a patrol, Anderson and Goldman observe some VC transpor..

S2E2 - Saigon (2)

Anderson meets with his wife and sees her off after her announcement..

S2E1 - Saigon (1)

Having received some warning of the upcoming Tet Offensive (In Angel..

S1E21 - The Hill

Goldman and Nikki have a great time on a brief R&R that they spend t..

S1E20 - Angel of Mercy

In a small South Vietnamese hamlet, an NVA officer arrives to brief ..

S1E19 - Paradise Lost

The men from Bravo company are patrolling in the jungle when they fi..

S1E18 - The Short Timer

Bravo company is on another S&D mission. A new man is on point, and ..

S1E17 - Blood Brothers

Retired Major General Goldman arrives by helicopter at Firebase Lady..

S1E16 - Gray-Brown Odyssey

Goldman, Horn, Calhoun, and Pointer are retruning to the base after ..

S1E15 - Soldiers

The squad is in heavy contact with a group of enemy soldiers, and af..

S1E14 - Under Siege

The men of Bravo are certain that Westmoreland has not yet informed ..

S1E13 - USO Down

A USO band comprised of three female dancers, a sax players, and a s..

S1E12 - Pushin' Too Hard

Anderson, Goldman, and Captain Wallace are checking out a new weapon..

S1E11 - Roadrunner

One of a GI's big events is the arrival of his mail. When Zeke opens..

S1E10 - Nowhere to Run

Two sappers make their way into Firebase Ladybird without being dete..

S1E9 - Battling Baker Bro..

Baker insists his fellow squad members follow him to an incoming hel..

S1E8 - The Goodthe Bad an..

A drunken GI steals a chaplain's jeep and goes on a joy ride with a ..

S1E7 - BrothersFathers an..

Anderson, Baker, and Johnson are shot down while catching a ride in ..

S1E6 - BurnBabyBurn

In a time of great racial tension and violence in America, the same ..

S1E5 - Sitting Ducks

The company provides security for an irrigation project, but after s..

S1E4 - War Lover

The men find themselves assigned to a 'hot shot' sergeant with a mis..

S1E3 - Dislocations

Among the villagers being relocated by the platoon is a beautiful wo..

S1E2 - Notes from the Und..

The VC are mauling the American soldiers through their use of the un..

S1E1 - pilot

After Firebase Ladybird suffers heavy casualties, Sgt. Anderson goes..

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