What's Wrong with Secretary Kim


A romance between perfect but narcissistic second generation heir and his capable assistant.
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S1E16 - What’s Wrong wi..

After the proposal, Young Joon and Mi So’s wedding preparations ar..

S1E15 - Wedding Bells

In the midst of Young Joon’s nonchalant proposal, out pops up Mi S..

S1E14 - I Will Always Sta..

Young Joon and Mi So are now facing obstacles to overcome which they..

S1E13 - Nothing Can Stop Us

Clumsy as it may be, there’s nothing stopping Young Joon’s and M..

S1E12 - I Don't Want to W..

Young Joon can’t help himself but worries about Mi So because now ..

S1E9 - Let’s Make it Of..

Enough of the chit-chat and let the loving begin. Finally, the long-..

S1E8 - I Like You Too

Young Joon invites her to his house for dinner. Although she has vis..

S1E7 - Memories Should St..

Secretary Kim grows closer to Sung Yeon knowing he was the one she w..

S1E6 - What’s Wrong wit..

Mi So requests a leave for the first time in her nine years of servi..

S1E5 - Ordinary Relations..

Love and an ordinary way of life are not in Vice Chairman Lee’s re..

S1E4 - I Come Back to For..

Young Joon gets infuriated with jealousy after Mi So went to the bli..

S1E3 - Go on a Date

Young Joon calls Mi So out to the amusement park and gives her retir..

S1E2 - She Just Doesn’t..

Mi So reveals Young Joon’s secret to Ji Ran to make her give him u..

S1E1 - I Want to Pick Up ..

Young Joon has never been turned down by anyone for his entire life...

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