Wok of Love


It's a love story hotter than the boiling oil in a sizzling hot wok. Across the street of the 6-star Hotel Giant, there stands a small, shabby Chinese restaurant, Hungry Wok. Chil Seong, the owner of the restaurant, originally took over the restaurant in order to provide a place to work for his former prison mates. One day, a man and a woman whose lives turned upside down overnight come visit Chil Seong. A former star chef, Seo Poong, and a broke heiress, Sae Woo, are in need of Chil Seong's help so that they can get back on their feet. Tune in to Wok of Love and learn about the passion and love that can be found in the hectic working environment of a kitchen.

The Final Episode

Everyone returns to work, and Chil Seung assumes his role of CEO of ..

S1E37 - Jajangmyeon and S..

Sam Seon shows up to Finishing Touch to get his things to quit. A fi..

S1E36 - Send Sae Woo Home

Poong decides to reform the menu at Finishing Touch. Sam Seon and th..

S1E35 - Go On a Blind Date

Sae Woo continues to work in the kitchen despite her mother’s oppo..

S1E34 - I Told You It Was..

Sae Woo’s father, Dan Seung Gi, finally gets released. Seol Ja and..

S1E32 - Please Help Me

The cooking showdown between Wang Chun Su and Seo Poong is set. Howe..

S1E31 - We'll Have a Truc..

Poong reveals that he knows that Sae Woo, Geok Jeong, Jeong Hae, and..

S1E30 - The Thrill of Sec..

Seung Ryong offers Poong the position of head chef at Finishing Touc..

S1E29 - Come Back

Poong is in shock when he finds out that Jeong Hae, Geok Jeong, Seol..

S1E28 - Why Did You Want ..

The protesters decide not to sell the right to protest to Chil Seong..

S1E27 - I Beg of You

Chil Seong is shocked after seeing Poong and Sae Woo kiss. O Jik com..

S1E24 - I… Like You

After winning the heart of the VIP and getting the reservation, Poon..

S1E23 - Finishing Touch V..

Chil Seong figures out that the gum lady is actually his mother and ..

S1E22 - The Plates Were E..

Poong and Chil Seong go to Giant Hotel to get the knife that Poong l..

S1E21 - 10,000 Dollars

Poong gets angry at Sae Woo for kissing him, but inside, he is happy..

S1E20 - Are They Single o..

Sae Woo tells Poong that she wants to continue learning how to use a..

S1E19 - Just in Case

Poong makes his mind up and tells Sae Woo how he feels. However, it ..

S1E18 - Poong’s Recipe ..

After finding out that Sae Woo has gotten a divorce, Poong can’t h..

S1E16 - Hungry Wok

The restaurant changes its name from “Hungry Frying Pan” to “H..

S1E15 - It’s a Dream

Sae Woo and Chil Seong heads to the hospital. Sae Woo is confused af..

S1E14 - SoYou’re Not Si..

On her first official day at Hungry Frying Pan, a mysterious man com..

S1E13 - Let’s Keep The ..

After realizing that he may have developed feelings for Sae Woo, Poo..

S1E12 - MomI’m Home

After moving out of her place, Sae Woo goes back to her mother's hom..

S1E11 - Open Your Eyes Pr..

O Jik’s parents come to Sae Woo’s newlywed home. She is shocked ..

S1E8 - The Fortune Cookie

Chil Seong calls Sae Woo to come to Hungry Frying Pan. He offers her..

S1E7 - The Chop Off

Despite the promise he made with Chil Seong, Poong fires the gangste..

S1E6 - Don’t Eat It!

Sae Woo goes to visit her father in prison. She tries to put on a br..

S1E5 - Will You be My Lig..

After taking over Hungry Frying Pan, Poong is depressed, so he goes ..

S1E2 - Can I Get a Bowl o..

It's the day before Sae Woo's wedding, and she goes to a charity ban..

S1E1 - How Many People Ge..

Poong, Sae Woo, and Chil Seong all meet at the hair and makeup shop ..

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