Your Honor (2018)


Two identical twins, Han Soo Ho and Han Kang Ho, look exactly alike but lead entirely different lives. Han Soo Ho is a respectable judge who does everything by the book, while Han Kang Ho is not only a convicted criminal but a repeat offender. When Han Soo Ho suddenly disappears, Han Kang Ho ends up taking his brother's place and living a new life as a judge.

S1E8 - Make Up

Han Kang Ho slowly starts to become his brother, Han Soo Ho. He even..

S1E6 - Stay or Go?

Han Soo Ho calls it quits and hands in his resignation letter, but m..

S1E5 - Lawyers Make Money

Things get wild at Soo Ho’s friends birthday party. At the party, ..

S1E4 - Write It

Kang Ho has trouble reading the sentencing, so he asks So Eun for he..

S1E3 - I’m a Judge

Kang Ho status rises in one day from a criminal to a judge. He escap..

S1E2 - Are You a Judge?

So Eun visits the chief prosecutor to report about the incident at t..

S1E1 - Please Take Your S..

So Eun survives the first autopsy and gets acknowledged by Jung Soo...

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